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Sorry to those that have submitted to me or asked me questions. I got notifications via email, but I work a lot and in my free time if I am not resting up, I am at practice. So it takes me a while to post new stuff and get back to people, I will try hard to focus on you guys! Thank you for following me and sbumitting/asking me stuff! Keep it up!


Anonymous asked:

can you post here the names of the members of the company?

Sorry for the really late reply, I am not sure who is exactly on The company I probably only know like 2 or 3 names.


Anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on choreographing contemporary dances?

I am not a really big contemporary dancer, but I guess just try to take classes and when you choreography think of how you would interpret the song. 

Chris Banaga - “College Dropout” 


Nic Ballecer
Nicole Aguas
Mitch Villareal
Selene Haro
Isidro Rafael Pagdanganan
Natasha Yeh
Deziree Del Rosario
Crisila Aban
Amor Ledesma
Chris Ballecer
Syrene Bartolome
Anthony Quidachay
Darian Patterson
AJ Jimenez

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