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Anonymous asked:

Aloha from Hawaii. My family will be visiting California in October, and wondering which dance studio is affiliated with Choreo Cookies? She currently dances at one of the studios in Honolulu, plans to attend college either in San Diego or in the Bay area, and was wondering if we could visit the studio while we are in California? If so, would she be able to attend a couple of classes while we are there? Mahalo, Myra

Hi, I am not an official spokes person for cookies or any other team. I know cookies have their own private practice spot, but a lot of the members teach out in San Diego. I guess the best way to find out how to take classes from well known teams or even dancers from those teams is to stay connected to social media. I can only speak for my team which is located in the IE of California. So if you would like to contact me for a little more information you can email me at

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